Sushi Rolls & Sets

Sushi Rolls & Sets

A Complete Sushi Bar Menu for San Antonio, TX

Whether you're new to sushi or consider yourself a connoisseur, the sushi bar at Fujiya Japanese Garden is the top sushi destination in San Antonio, TX. We are known for our authentic Japanese ingredients and flavors. Our sushi bar offers a huge variety of rolls, seafood, fillings, and sauces. You can sample a selection of individual sushi rolls or order one of our sushi sets. There are so many delicious options to try at our sushi bar, you'll want to eat every meal here!

Try San Antonio's Best Sushi Bar

Everything about our sushi, from containing the finest ingredients to being prepared with dedicatation and precision, sets us a step ahead of other sushi bars in San Antonio, TX. We maintain ideal conditions for our rice, fish, cooking equipment, and chefs, so you can enjoy sushi of the highest quality. Our Japanese restaurant provides a full cultural experience that will make you feel like you're dining with east Asian emperors!

To enjoy a Japanese sushi bar experience in the San Antonio, TX area, stop into Fujiya Japanese Garden today!



Variety of sashimi on sushi rice served with miso soup

9 pieces sushi: tuna, yellowtail, salmon, red snapper, mackerel, squid, shrimp, eel & ikura (salmon roe)
3 pieces tuna roll, served with miso soup

Monday thru Friday - 11:00 am to 2:30 pm only
Served with miso soup

SET A: 6 pieces Sushi: tuna, yellowtail, red snapper, mackerel, shrimp & imitation crab 
3 pieces cucumber roll

SET B: shrimp tempura roll, California roll and 1/2 spicy tuna roll

Chef’s choice of seasonal fish


SUSHI A (LARGE) $18.00
9 pieces sushi: tuna, yellowtail, salmon, red snapper, mackerel, squid, surf clam, imitation crab & shrimp
3 pieces cucumber roll

SUSHI B (SMALL) $15.00
6 pieces sushi: tuna, yellowtail, red snapper, shrimp, mackerel & imitation crab
3 pieces cucumber roll

TEKKA DON $19.95
Tuna sashimi on sushi rice – served with miso soup

Items are based on availability and subject to change without notice.

There is extra charge for substitution or additions.

WARNING: Certain people may be allergic to seafood and other food items. If you are allergic to certain types of food or ingredients used in food items, please notify a manager prior to ordering. We are not responsible for allergic reactions to our food or ingredients used in preparing our food. Certain food items may contain monosodium glutamate (MSG), no MSG is added by the restaurant.

The consumption of raw fish may cause severe illness in certain people and pregnant women. If you become ill after eating raw fish, seek immediate medical attention. There may be small bones in some fish.

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